Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Color Palette: Color Advice for Your Home!

My whole reason for launching the Divine Living and Home line really stemmed from my own journey in decorating my condo. I move in July 2008. A year and half later – I’m just about done! But I’m still adding the final touches. I guess it has taken me this long partially because I was trying to keep my decorating expenses within budget. But mostly it was because I simply could not find exactly what I was looking for and I could not decide on a color scheme/palette. Before I moved in, I spent many hours looking through the numerous paint swatch cards at Home Depot and on ’s Virtual Color Center (a great resource!) and finally decided upon a somewhat neutral color palette for my interior walls. I selected Expedition Khaki for both my master bedroom and second bedroom, Baked Scone for my living, dining, front entrance and kitchen and Heirloom Orchid for both my bathrooms. At that point, I wasn’t exactly sure what my color scheme for my interior d├ęcor was going to be, but my style is normally to stick to a neutral palette and spruce it up with colorful accessories.

Let's start with my bedroom, since this is the room that is totally complete at this point! Getting the furniture was fairly easy. My bedroom furniture came from West Elm ( But finding accessories, in particular, wall art was my challenge. I wanted abstract wall art and I suddenly remembered these photographs that I took in Paris while sitting in a moving car.  As expected, the photographs ended up being blurred and out of focus, but they looked interesting to me.  So instead of just deleting the photographs I digitally enhanced them further to make them look more artistic and abstract.  That is the moment the wall art for my bedroom came to being! I call it Paris Nights. I’ve received so many compliments on this art work that I was inspired to stay up until midnight one Saturday night  to go through my stockpile of digital photos that I've taken over the years and digitally enhance the ones I liked to create this "new" art.

This is how my Divine Living and Home line came to being. I figure other people may face the same challenges that I did when it came to decorating so why not start this new line and this blog to help others create a nice home or office atmosphere. So I’m here to help – if you need help selecting the right paint colors for your home or office, please email me at!

I’ll be back later to discuss my living room and the color palette I selected for that.