Sunday, December 27, 2009

Creating Luxury with Color

If you are in a service oriented business and wish to create a luxurious, posh and glamorous atmosphere for your customers and employees, decorate with shades purple, burgundy and red-purple.  This could apply to curtains, pillows, furniture, wall hangings and rugs.

Purple represents royalty and luxury.  In darker shades, it is considered a wealthy color.  It suggests spirituality and blends the heart and mind with the physical and spiritual.

Red-purple shades indicate great passion and strength of will.

Burgundy symbolizes wealth, success and prosperity.  It invigorates a room and brings it to life.  Burgundy is honorable and builds deep ties.

My Pantone color picks that inspire this luxurious look are:  Pantone 41-2-7c (dark purple), Pantone 37-3-7c and Pantone 38-1-7c (red-purple).

My color picks from Behr's Virtual Color Center that inspire this look are:  Wild Grapes S-G-660, Delicious Berry S-G-690 and Vin Rouge 110D-7.

If you are a small business and want to enhance your work place atmosphere with new colors, contact Divine dZigns at  Divine dZigns offers interior design management and color consulting services for small business.

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